As a sculptor, I have worked in a number of materials and under different guises professionally. For some time, I was almost exclusively producing for the design world, working in the trade with the trade for their clients. I was very lucky with the press and my various places out of which I worked and was able to exhibit. For the most part, I represented myself, along with others who I developed friendships and relationships to- a very productive and formative experience. I am still extremely attached to this mind-set, and still love the making of objects for living, as well as enjoying the continuation of many of those friendships and representations. In addition, I have regained another framework- art.

I could not have come close to what I am now considering my artwork, without having fully engaged in design for the living- no way. Making for the body as an exterior shell, such as in seating, or breaking up space for interior usages (a continuation of a subject that I had preciously started with my bronze sculptures) with a language that was appealing to a greater audience than I had previously enjoyed, taught me through continuance, a deeper investigation. Thus is history a teacher, not only individually, but, as a culture, as is history of our world culture..


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